Raised Dog Bowls

Are you aware that onions and chocolates when consumed by your pet dog could create havoc in their body and make them ill? In most cases we as pet owners feed our pet dogs the food groups that we eat on a daily basis, even though special pet dog foods are available in the market. In most cases these foods are nutritious for the single meal they enjoy on a daily basis. Another important fact that most pet owners fail to realize is the bowls in which your dog consumes his daily food. Most of use tend to pay attention to the decorative elements of the dog bowl and lesser on its special features. Thus if you have a large pet dog, you would have mess every day as he has problems eating in the small bowl offered to him and he has problems as it is a little too low for his height. It is here that Raised Dog Bowls come into picture and we have explained details regarding its various aspects below.

Raised Dog BowlsWhat are these elevated bowls from which your pet dog can enjoy his daily meals?

When you watch your pet dog eat his meal, have you noticed that he stretches his neck a little too much? If this problem is not attended immediately, then within a year or two, your pet dog would suffer from spine problems. Now days in the market they are serving dog food bowls available which can be used by your pet dog. These bowls are called raised dog bowls. These feeding bowls have small legs attached to them in the bottom, so that the level is raised and your pet dog no longer has to stretch his neck while feeding on his favorite food. These dog bowls have features like height adjustments and also are very sturdy in nature.

What are the different materials used to manufacture these elevated dog feeding bowls?

When you are selecting an elevated dog feeding bowl, it is essential for you understand the material from which the bowl has been manufactured. The most common materials used are:


Plastic is the most common material used to make these elevated dog bowls. In fact they are available in various shapes and vibrant colors and can be maintained easily using a dishwasher. They are light and easy on the pocket. The only limitation faced by plastic is that they can be chewed by your dogs and can have bacteria growing in them, which would be harmful for your pet dog’s health.


Ceramic elevated dog feeding bowls are reliable and come in various beautiful designs. They can also be easily washed using a dishwasher and have a long shelf life. But the basic limitation faced by ceramic is that they can develop cracks easily and are very heavy for regular use. Ceramic dog bowls are also more expensive in nature.

Stainless Steel

The popularity of stainless steel as a material for Raised Dog Bowls is immense. These bowls are durable and last for long years with easy maintenance. Bacteria can also not grow in them. However these bowls have simple designs and are more expensive than plastic bowls.

What is the different station designs used on elevated dog feeding bowls?

The station design you select for your elevated dog feeding bowls would depend to a large extent on his basic nature. If your dog likes to push his feeding bowl around and this spills the food inside the bowl, then you need to invest in a feeding bowl which has a mount under it. The feeding bowl would have different compartments for water and food also. If you have a large Great Dane as your pet dog you would need to use elevated dog bowls which come up to its height. This would prevent him from overstretching his neck muscles. If your dog is a messy eater then you can use an elevated dog bowl which is screwed into the wall and this would allow the food to stay in and he would also not mess up his food. Another important factor that you need to understand when buying these bowls is that they should offer height adjustments and you can extend the height of the bowls as he grows older. This would also make your investment sound.